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  • Our Unique Planning Process

    At our first meeting, we will discuss your background and family, goals and concerns, and any issues we may identify that require further consideration. We will also discuss the financial and other relevant background information about your situation and your needs.  At the end of this meeting, a fee will be quoted based on a preliminary plan design.

    At the next meeting, the recommended estate plan designed for you is proposed and presented to you in an outline or graphic format. Together, we will work through the details of the plan design and address your concerns and questions.  My goal is to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets your goals and objectives and to be certain you have a full understanding of the reason behind each planning decision.

    At our final meeting, we will thoroughly review your documents to ensure that you understand your estate plan, that it meets your goals and objectives, and that you understand how each component will be implemented should it become necessary.  We will provide witnesses and a notary for you to sign the legal documents necessary for the implementation of your plan.

    During the estate planning process, and  after the estate plan documents have been executed, we will discuss the action that must be taken to make title changes, make beneficiary designation changes, and handle other funding issues to ensure the planning is effective and works as designed.  We are available to advise and support you with these action items.  If you desire our assistance in actually making the necessary changes and funding issues, we will be glad to discuss an agreement in that regard.

    As one of the unique benefits of planning through our firm, we will contact you to set up an annual meeting, free of charge, to answer any questions you may have, address any concerns, and review your estate plan in light of any changes in your family, finances, the law, or newly-developed planning strategies to help ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs and carry out your intent.